17 de abril de 2012

Paul Mc Cartney - Natalie Portman - LGP...?

Para começar o dia em beleza...

Mais sobre o projecto do Paul Mc Cartney aqui.Vale a pena ler o comentário de uma pessoa surda a esta notícia:

"suzledet on 16 APR 2012 at 6:44pm: As a deaf person AND music-lover, you have no idea how THRILLED I am when I saw your "My Valentine" video in sign language. In my perfect world, ALL music videos will be made in ASL and captions; and I think you've opened a flood-gate to this concept. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you, Paul and your team (especially Stella for introducing this idea). If you have more projects like this on the horizon, PLEASE let me work with you to acheive that PERFECT, COMPLETE, and ROUNDED-OUT video for all to enjoy. You all are the best, just for making this happen. Keep up with the great work!"

(enviado por Cecília Folgado)

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