11 de outubro de 2012

Um cantor de jazz no Dialogue in the Dark

Quem teve a oportunidade de 'experienciar' a exposição Dialogue in the Dark sabe o impacto que esta tem na vida das pessoas: tanto dos visitantes normovisuais como dos guias cegos. A inversão de papéis, uma ideia tão simples e tão genial, altera a nossa forma de 'ver' o mundo para sempre...

Frank Senior é cantor de jazz e guia no Dialogue in the Dark de Nova Iorque. Preocupado com a possibilidade da exposição encerrar por falta de financiamento, e acreditando na importância e na relevância da mesma, escreveu aos responsáveis (o texto foi hoje publicado na página do Dialogue in the Dark no Facebook):

"Dear Mr. Wiser,

You stated in our meeting a couple of weeks ago that we may have to close the Dialog exhibit if we do not find a sponsor. As I promised in my job interview with Chris D, I am absolutely committed to helping promote the amazing, once-in-a- lifetime opportunity that has been given to the blind folks here in the US. It would truly be a shame not to have this mind-opening experience continue to be a part of our culture.

In addition to the ways it benefits the general public by increasing tolerance and raising awareness, this venue has provided employment for the blind community in a huge way--more than any other company. It has helped the blind community immensely in so many ways. As it breaks down the stereotypical ways in which sighted people interact with blind people, it also gives a blind person an opportunity to learn and practice his or her leadership skills. Most of all, it has strengthened our character and given us a sense of pride.

I have posted a three-minute video on my site. I hope you will be able to use this ad to attract potential sponsors. We are a proud community and we're New Yorkers--if we're going to go down, let's at least go down fighting! Please help us fight. It's all about promoting independence for blind folks.

Thank you"

Dialogue in the Dark from Julia Doran on Vimeo.


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